Friday, December 11, 2009

Travel Time

:( By car, travelling from home to SST would take under 45 minutes. Thing is, we don't have a car. WHich is good, since we aren't polluting the atsmosphere with toxic CO2. XD By public transport, it would take 'GASP' 1hour and 15mins+ to reach SST. OMG. And by walking( absolutely IMPOSSIBLE) it would take 5 hours and 50 mins to reach SST. Obviously I will only utilize the public transport route. Which means I need to wake up everyday at 6am and leave the house at 6:15 am. OMGOG.


  1. You seem to stay pretty far from the 'wild wild west' :D

    Well, perhaps Googlemap would be able to suggest to you several routes :D So, have you explored Activity 3 already? Well, I guess you are aware that there are 2 buses going from Clementi MRT station to SST: 185 and 189. Nevertheless, beware that the bus-stop is very crowded in the morning.

    If you are likely to spend much time traveling in the MRT train, perhaps, can start thinking what are some things can do during the journey :D


  2. Hey Jonan, you seem to know me from my blog. Could you try to refresh my memory?


  3. I like to freak people out by pretending that i know them