Friday, December 11, 2009

Th1s bl0g was qu1te easy t0 set up. Getting it 2 look g00d will take a wh1l3 7hough. Bl0gg1ng m1ght be qu1te useful in SST. I could g0 h0me and open my bl0g, look at my classmates blogs, post on the1rs, let them post on mine, relay infomation betw33n us. Of course, that depends on how often they look at the1r bl0gs. ^^.


  1. Hi Jonan

    Welcome to the SST family.

    Well, blogging would be part the learning activities in SST. Yes, we believe that, apart being platform of expression - thoughts, ideas, etc... blogs/blogging is another place for interaction and has great potential in our students learning :D

    To make it interesting, yet simple - you can start exploring what gadgets can be added to the side bar :D

  2. BTW, do check out the date/time setting - good to set it to Singapore time (+0800h).

  3. The interplay between letters and numbers creates an interesting read for your followers but be mindful that as you progress as a blogger, your followers would be looking for content - really thoughtful and thought-provoking reflections.

    Have fun!